Posted: Apr 28 2014

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About our latest collection


We all dream of having some unique item emphasizing our own individuality and style. But how can we choose something unique and something distinctive in this huge ocean of fashion brand names? Well, while creating our collection, we have especially focused on every women’s desire to have something unique and elegant at the same time.

Let’s take a look at our dresses. We believe that we managed to combine classicism in its best form with such original details as embroidery or unique decoration of sleeves or collars. This is supreme style. Every woman, no matter what her age is, would feel confident and comfortable wearing our dresses both everyday and at special occasions.

Tunics. Every young lady would love to own this comfortable and versatile garment. This season our tunics come with stylish embroidery using beautiful ornaments. The woman wearing our tunic would feel elegant yet comfortable wherever she goes – to work, to meeting with friends, to a special occasion – everywhere. Plus, she will always remain unique in this outfit.

And of course, we should also mention our airy chiffon scarves. In this collection they come decorated with special hand-made silk tassels. Our rich selection of colors will make it easy for you to select the scarf you need to match our dresses or tunics.

And lastly, we would like to say that fashion is international and does not have any borders or stamps. And so does individual style of dressing.  We invite all women who value uniqueness and comfort to our shop.

Thank you!